About Frank, sex, relationships, and your body

At Frank we want to make good sexual health normal and part of enjoyable sex. Let’s be, well … frank – sex feels good, and comes in many varieties. By yourself, with a partner, or with many people, anal, oral, manual, mutual masturbation, or penetrative vaginal sex – it’s all normal. For so long, safe sex has been put up as a block towards enjoying sex when it shouldn’t be that way. The last thing you want when you’re enjoying yourself is a nagging voice, stressing you out, asking “are we using protection? Could I be getting …” It’s time we accept sexual health is part of enjoyable sex, the same way mental and physical health are part of an enjoyable life.

With this in mind, why is sexual health still spoken about as if you are summoning evil spirits? We should be able to talk about it comfortably and without fear of stigma or judgement. We’ll happily chat with our friends about the latest muscle we’ve strained at the gym or take a relaxing day off work to get over a cold. Why are STIs any different? Most STIs are easily treated and even easier to avoid – oh yeah, I’m going to say it – with a condom.

*sigh* back to the health messages – well yeah, not only does looking after your sexual health mean you can enjoy sex but it means your partners are healthy too. Since I’m on a roll, sexual health is more than the physical; it involves your body and your relationships. Think back to when you first asked someone out, not only has the world changed but we all have too, learning along the way. I’m sure everyone has an area of their relationships they are less comfortable with – how do you tell a partner that what they are doing in the bedroom (or other rooms) isn’t working for you anymore?

At Frank, our vision is for all young people to enjoy healthy sex and relationships. We want you to be able to talk about your sexual health, from STIs to negotiating what you find pleasurable. We believe we should all care about each other and get tested regularly. Most importantly, your sexual health and your partners’ is key to enjoying sex.