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Frank is a guide to sex and relationships for 18 to 30 year olds in Australia. Our vision is for all young people to enjoy healthy sex and relationships with the aim of making sexual health a normal, easy part of the process. More information about the project and who are involved can be found on the Who is behind Frank page.

We talked to young people to find out how they want to receive sexual health related information and what information they actually wanted. With this in mind, we created our national youth brand, Frank, filled with highly desirable and personally empowering content on relationships, body, sexual fulfilment and sexual health. Less of the scientific, biological facts learnt in school and more of the real life nitty-gritty info young people have been asking for.

Frank is an Australian Government funded national initiative lead by Family Planning NSW. Our partnering organisations include ACON and the University of NSW Centre for Social Research in Health.

Frank is committed to raising the profile of reproductive and sexual health issues. We welcome all media inquiries.

Media enquiries can be directed to Family Planning NSW Media Officer: (02) 8752 4253

If you are interested in Frank and the work we are doing please reach out and say hi with the details above or through our contact page.